Thursday, April 7, 2011

Play mat complete!

I made a play mat/quilt for my granddaughter to use at my house.  Just in time, as she will be crawling soon and not staying in one place!  I was lucky to have my daughter take some photos of Saydee on the quilt on a sunny day.

Saydee trying out the new quilt.  Doesn't she look ready to go?

I used a charm pack and some Marble Moda dots.  I was trying a new idea from Christina at A Few Scraps to make a triangle on one corner (she calls it a Golden Goose!).  She has a lot of designs made from this one idea.  I jumped right in and made the corners a little small (they get a little lost in the busyness of the fabric, I think). 

I did machine quilting (and lots of unquilting!  Lots of puckers on the back and I couldn’t stand it so I redid it several times!).  I did mainly meandering with one flower in the center of the design.  I also wrote the words: Baby Love, oh Baby Love (sing along!) in the white border.  It was fun to “write” with the sewing machine!

I used some more of the squares for the back.  Hopefully Saydee will come over and use it soon!

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  1. What a cute quilt, Laura! I need to stick the little "golden goose" idea in my stack to use in the future! Just out of curiosity, did you pin baste, or did you use basting spray? I find that basting spray helps me avoid a lot of those pucker problems....

  2. Oh, I love the back as much as the front... SO CUTE! I love the bright colors!


  3. I think that's about the perfect play mat! I love the fabrics you chose for it, and you know, I didn't even notice those triangles until you pointed them out. They do add just a little bit more to it, don't they? Very cool! Enjoy little Saydee!

  4. Very nice play mat. I also didn't notice the little triangles until I read it in your post but they are very cute. I love how colorful the whole thing is! Whoop-Whoop!

  5. It turned out darling! I love quilts. Your granddaughter sure is cute too :) Happy weekend to you. Thank you for linking this up!

  6. What an adorable play mat, not to mention the even more adorable baby girl! She looks very happy on her new mat, and I'll bet it turns into a drag-along quilt :-) Whoop, Whoop!

  7. This is so cute! I'm impressed with your machine quilting. I'm nervous to do free motion let alone flowers & writing!

    Adorable baby!

  8. I love it! So cute! (and that delicious little baby is darling too!) Thanks for linking up with Finished It Up Friday!

  9. Your quilt is adorable - as is your granddaughter! The corner idea is cute, and I love the words you embroidered in the white borders. So sweet!

  10. love the colors - how great for your granddaughter to have a playmat made with such love. it will be a wonderful keepsake :)

  11. love the playmat, front and back!! and your granddaughter is just tooo cute!!

  12. I love this! It's gorgeous! Quilting is high on my bucket list. :0)

  13. What a fun playmat!! Great job! VERY cute baby!

  14. It's a gorgeous quilt! I love the little black corners. I don't think they get lost and they do add interest. Your quilting looks fabulous! (Oh, and of course, baby is cute too!)


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