Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Quilt

This little quilt is finished and ready for the new baby to arrive any day now.  The new mom is a teacher at my school and she is due two days after my daughter.  This quilt started life here as a possible back to the scrappy stash quilt.  
I had fun quilting it like crazy!  Two of the grey borders have straight line quilting, then I did a wavy line in the blue and stippled the pink.  The center is done in a paisley pattern.  I will bring it to school tomorrow, hopefully just in time for the new baby to enjoy it!

This back was easy to figure out!

Love all that texture!  I am washing it tonight so it will crinkle up.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scrappy Stash Quilt-along Finish!

Ellison Lane Quilts
I was inspired to create this quilt by Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts and her Scrappy Stash Quilt-along. I love strip quilts and log cabin quilts and scrappy quilts and rainbow quilts so this was a perfect fit!

Of course, I forgot to read all of the directions before I jumped right in.  The blocks were supposed to end up at 8.5 inches and I made mine at 12.5 inches.  I did meet the minimum of 30 blocks and it is a large quilt (for me to quilt on my home machine).  I decided to try quilt as you go but I did it in only two sections.  It definitely made it easier to quilt!  I stitched in the ditch and a half inch on either side of each seam and then I made a sampler of the FMQ stitches I know how to do.

Some I like more than others.  My favorites might be the paisley and daisy chain blocks.  My husband has been very supportive during this process.  He usually doesn't say much about my quilts but he seemed to like this one.

Following my stubborn  creative tradition, I wanted to piece the back also.

It was interesting.

Version Number One: I thought I would have a rainbow of colors with grey in between.  I cut some strips and sewed them end to end and then I pretended it was a jelly roll race and assembled them.  It was too small and I really didn't like it.

Version Number Two: I made four small square in a square quilts using colorful scraps and grey in between.  I had high hopes for this one!  It took forever!  As I finished each little quilt, I loved it.  However, when I put them together, not so much.  Hmmmm.....  (don't worry, I will use the four little quilts for some little babies that are coming soon).

Version Number Three:  I sewed big blocks of each color of scraps.  Hmmm....

Version Number Four:  I know!  I will cut 9.5 inch squares out of each block and make a nine patch on the back.  Problem is, the back will have a split where I have to assemble it for the quilt as you go and there is not any way I will be able to match up the fronts and the backs.

Final version:  Ta Da!!  And I really love it.  (Good thing!)

Such drama for a back, I know.  But I love a reversible quilt!

Do you piece your backs?