Friday, May 13, 2011

Birds flying west!

I entered another swap at Mary Lou Weidman’s blog/chatroom.  This time we are making thirteen birds each, sending them all to California, and getting one from each of thirteen other birdie makers.  The birds were to be made on a black background from jello colors (bright and cheery!).  Mary Lou sent us some possible patterns. 


I love the birds from the free-piecing study by Sarah and Molly.  So I made a few of those.  I also love the free form chickens spotted at Cactus Needle and several different places.  So I made birds similar to those (although less chicken-y!).  When I was piecing them individually, it was more fun but it took more time. 


Then I got on a roll and made a bunch all the same (it won’t matter because they will be in different quilts, anyway). I kinda like them!  I can’t wait to see everyone else’s. 

quilt 025

I haven’t managed to make the sock quilt yet but the blocks are quite a variety!

I am linking up to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop Party and Sew Many Ways So Darn Crafty.  Go over and see what else people have been making.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Caterpillar!

The day I flew five and a half hours on a plane with my daughter, her husband, and a very cute six month old, I made a soft toy to take with us to hopefully amuse the adorable child.  She was very good, slept a good part of the time, and was somewhat amused by the goofy caterpillar her grandma made her.  I snapped a few pictures before they got here to take me to the airport.
quilt 001

I (obviously) sewed some scraps together with some ribbon to make him.  The only really clever thing I did was sacrifice my pin box.  I sewed it inside the caterpillar with some tiny rocks inside it to make it rattle.  It works, too!  Tada!  It rattles just enough to attract her attention without bothering the other people around us on the plane.

quilt 002
The back is a soft flannel pink polkadot. All the feet and antennae are fun for the baby to try to get in her mouth.  Just the right size for holding and shaking around.
quilt 003
We had a great trip and the baby was very good on the plane, as I said.  She didn’t like the carseat very much, though, so we sang the magic song, The Wheels on the Bus, many, many times.  For some reason, it makes her stop crying.  Magic.


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