Monday, May 28, 2012

Kindergarten Handprint ABC Quilt

 It's done!

 Just in time for the Ice Cream Social on Wednesday at school.  The kids do a little play and sing songs for their parents.  This will be their backdrop then we are giving it to a special person to hang in her future classroom.

I used a Kona jelly roll for the sashing.  The white is a white on white dot.  The kids hand prints were made with fabric paint and decorated with fabric markers and fabric pastels.

T is for turtle, U is for Umbrella, V is for Very Hungry Caterpillar, X is for xylophone, Y is for yellow sun, Z is for zebra

Q is for quilt (of course!), R is for rainbow, S is for sunflower, W is for world

L is for ladybug, M is for monkey, N is for nest, P is for penguin, Q is for  quilt, R is for rainbow, T is for turtle, U is for umbrella, V is for Very Hungry Caterpillar

J is for jellybeans, K is for kitty, N is for nest, O is for owl

B is for bee, C is for chick, F is for fish, G is for garden

A is for apple, B is for bee, D is for dinosaur, E is for elephant, F is for fish

I meandered around the little animals.  It took me about an hour and a half.  Amazingly, no puckers or bubbles on the back to pick out!  Yay! It took five bobbins of off white thread.  It think it may be the largest quilt I have machine quilted (or maybe the rainbow quilt last year is about the same size).

I used the same black polka dot on the letters and the binding.  I sewed the binding on the front, ironed it over to the back, and sewed in the ditch on the front to catch it on the back.


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kindergarten Quilt Update

All the colors of the rainbow!


I thought you might like a look at the next step in making our Kindergarten quilt for this year.  It is an alphabet quilt made from handprints.

 I am using a Kona jelly roll for the blocks.  I considered (briefly) mixing up all the colors or matching them to the colors in the squares but I decided to go with a rainbow. 

I got a few put together this evening.  Makes me happy! 

I still haven't decided how to add the letters to the square.  I am leaning towards black polka dot letters attached with wonder under and raw edge appliqued on.

 It is going to be a busy weekend!


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kindergarten Handprint Quilt Beginnings

I started making our Kindergarten quilt for this year.  I decided to make another ABC quilt using the kid's handprints (or fingerprints for some of them).  There are so many cute handprint activities on teaching blogs.  It has taken me several days to paint their hands and get their prints made. 

 Next I will let them use the fabric markers or fabric pastels to add some details to their pictures.  I think I will add the letters using fabric with wonder under overlapping the seam/borders.  I only have one more week to get this done.  Ack!  The perils of the end of the year in Kindergarten: everything needs to get done at once.

Think of me this Memorial Day!

Handprint Elephant

Y is for Yellow Sun


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gifts for my sisters!

I finally sent out the presents for my sisters this week.  I have three sisters and I sent each of them a small quilt.  The first one was made as part of the Modern Quilt Guild challenge using Jay  McCarroll Habitat line fabrics.

I used a block I found on.  It was fun to put together.  I used a light grey for the background and a dark grey for the border.  I pieced random scraps together for the binding.

I quilted it using a branching design from A Few Scraps.  I am trying to experiment a little with my FMQ.  I love how the variegated 
 thread looks.

I think I have used up all of this grey polka dot.  I am on the lookout for a suitable replacement.

Here's the back  :)

I will show you the other two sister quilts soon!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I put the final stitches in the binding of my quilt for my mom for Mother's Day!  I love this little quilt!  I hope my mom likes it.  She is living in an assisted living apartment and I hope this quilt brightens her days.  The improv violets were from a post I read on 42 Quilts blog.  

I needed a block that reminded me of Spring for our block exchange and this block fit the bill.  It was so much fun to make, I made a few more.

 The purple and green remind me of Spring.  See our lovely irises?

 I even put a label on it, although I often skip this step.  I thought my mom might need a reminder of who gave it to her and why.  Her memory of the oldest events is much clearer than her memories of current events.
 I had dinner with one of my daughters, her husband, and my son last night.  The other daughter took her husband and my granddaughter to the beach (where they lost their keys in the ocean sadly so my son is driving there today to give them new keys).  I got some wonderful news!  I will need to sew two new baby quilts for November!  So exciting!
 I quilted it with a meander.  I finally feel like I can do it successfully.  Now I am going to branch out a bit more with swirls, baptist fans, more echo quilting.
So, I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!  Mothers are important to our lives.  I am still enjoying being a mom to my wonderful adult children!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

 At our Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild meeting today, we exchanged zip bags.  We put them into a plain bag and choose blindly (although for some reason, I seem to end up with Heather's most of the time! Lucky me!)
This was a fun challenge.  I used the Donkeys in Galoshes (so cute!) and some Stitched in ColorFMF, Seeds, dots, and other random fabrics from my stash.  Heather did a short demo at our last meeting and I followed her directions, including using fusible fleece and cutting a square out of the bottom corners to square the bottom of the bag. One of the bags was a different, square shape (made by Mandy).  Everyone oohed and ahhed! 

This is the bag Heather made that I got to bring home with me! Love the linen!

This is my contribution being held by our fearless leader, Heather.

Cute little bag with FMQ

Little pockets!

All together!

Not as much at Show and Tell as usual.  Nancy shared a iron carryall that you can iron on.  Might need to make one of those.  Mandy shared a wristlet made from salvages.  I need to bring her some of mine.  I don't know if I will ever be motivated enough to make anything from mine, although I do think it looks cool.  

Deb shared her strip quilt that she is having Maria quilt for her. ( I started one that will be similar but with dotted black in the place of white).  Hers is gorgeous!  Hope mine turns out as nicely.

 Another fun meeting!