Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doll baby quilt

I took some pictures of the quilt I made for my kids to play with at school in the housekeeping center.  It was a quick sew!  I have already seen the kids spreading it out over themselves instead of the dolls.  I have a really cute class this year with 13 boys and only 6 girls.  Those boys all like the housekeeping center, though.  They cook food and put it on the table.  Yay!  Must have some awesome dads!
Red, orange and pink stripes-a little Eric Carle fabric and dots!

I used a heavy variegated grey thread in the bobbin.  It kept breaking when I had it in the top, too, so I went back to my regular rayon thread.  

Wish I finished everything this quickly!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unintended Table Topper

The week before I went back to school (teaching Kindergarten), I was given a doll baby bed.  The day before the children were due to arrive, I decided I needed a blanket for the poor dolls.  So I considered just giving them a little flannel blanket, but I am a quilter, so a quilt was in order.

 I sat down at 4 pm on Sunday to make my little quilt.  I sewed the top and as I usually do, pieced a back to use.  Then I looked at the two pieces and thought, these could be two separate quilts.  And they were small enough to just used some yardage as the backings.
So that is what I did.

I had fun using the Jester's Hat quilting pattern from Wendy at  Ivory Spring.  I like how swirly it looks.
I used some Laurel Burch butterflies for the backing for this one.

Close up of the quilting!  I took some liberties with the pattern.
 I finished both little quilts by machine.  When I brought them downstairs, I put this one on our kitchen table and it looked so good, I left it there!  I took the other one to school where the kids have been happily playing with it.  I will have to get a picture of it this week.

In other quilting news, we had a potholder swap.  I was supposed to make a fall themed potholder but I forgot about the theme and made this.  I practiced my swirly quilting.

I am still in love with these cross blocks!

I got back a very cute Halloween potholder from Heather.  I love it. It is a perfect block for Halloween! Can't picture using it, though.  I may have to hang it on the wall.

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