Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quilt for Baltimore Early Head Start

Our Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild has a partnership with the Baltimore Kennedy Kreiger Early Head Start program.  We sew sleeping outfits, hats, cloth books, bibs, and of course, quilts for them.  At our September meeting, we had 21 quilts to donate (all log cabin variations).  It is quite a diverse collection.  You can see all of them at the BMQG page.

This was my contribution.  I made four large 22" blocks and put them together.  My husband says it doesn't look like a baby quilt.  Sigh.  I like it anyway.

Every once in a while, I think: I know!  I'll do a big circle with my quilting!  I love how that looks!

Then, I start and I remember that I hate doing it!!  I do the middle with the FMQ and that works great.  Then I switch to my walking foot as the circles get bigger and that is where I start thinking I made a big mistake.  It is really hard to turn the corners smoothly!  I end up with little places where it jogs over a bit.  I just want it to look smooth.  And I do realize that most people won't notice it.  But it makes it less fun to do.  Know what I mean?

I used a gray with variagated yellow dots for the backing.  I meant to make it the right size for a full, unpieced backing but of course I got carried away making the front so it is a little bigger.  So I pieced it.  And I like it.  I should just assume I will piece the back.  I seem to do it every time.  And Sometimes I end up liking the back more than the front!

I used many different grays for the binding.

So, these quilts will be on display in the Kennedy Kreiger Institute building starting October 1st.  Then a little baby will get to keep this quilt and enjoy it!

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