Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swap Quilt for 15 Minutes

I made a mini-quilt for a swap on the blog 15 Minutes of Play of hosted by Victoria Findlay-Wolfe.  The challenge was to take a painting and interpret it in solid fabrics.

I chose a painting by Matisse found here.  I had it all planned out in my mind (several times!) and eventually started putting my ideas to work on the fabric.  I kept the picture close by and referred to it often.  I was most attracted by the hard boiled eggs!  I started with the white and yellow and made several before adding the table around them.

When I finished the piecing, I wasn't thrilled.  It did not resemble the image I had in my mind.  But I couldn't figure out what to do differently so I sandwiched it and started quilting.

  I was pleasantly surprised!  I liked it much more after I quilted it!  It added a spark and made it look a little less flat.  In this swap, the person I sent my quilt also sent one to me.

The awesome Kathy French was my swap partner. She also chose a Matisse painting.  She was on vacation in Maine and sewed the whole thing by hand! She wrote a post on the 15 Minutes of Play blog about her process.  Isn't it great?  The handquilting is awesome.   I really love it and need to find a special place to display it.


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