Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Little Cutie Pie

Here are a few things I have made for my grand-daughter.  She is now four and a half months old and just darling (I’m allowed to say that because she is not my child, right?).  She is rolling over, babbles, and smiles up a storm. 

jan 2011 005-1

This is a fleece jacket and hat I made.  Fleece was a lot easier to sew with than I thought it would be. 

jan 2011 049-1

Here Saydee is modeling one of the pairs of PJ’s I made her.  This pair matches her aunt’s pair.  The shirt was a onesie that I added the snowman face to with wonder under.  This is an action shot (see all the cute rattles on her wrists and ankles?).


I made this pillow for her nursery (it matches the quilt!)  I made the pillow first to see how the butterfly idea would work with the brown dots that her mom had picked out.  I have sat in that chair and read to my cutie pie!  The pillow is a good fit!

I am linking up to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop!   You should jump over and see all the great sewing!


  1. We love and appreciate all of the stuff you've made her!! She's a lucky little girl. Thanks Mom!

    P.S. I think her favorite thing is her butterfly quilt. She always coos at it and grabs at it from the wall above her changing table. I'm sure it'll always be special to her:)

  2. She is such a sweetie pie and so lucky to be outfitted by her grandma!!! Whoop whoop!!

  3. Loved your pictures!! The fleece jacket and hat with those pink shoes is absolutely wonderful! I love the pillow for the baby that is such a great idea for propping them up when need. She is an adorable little girl!!

  4. You aren't biased, she's a darling baby. What great shots. I love what you've made for her.

  5. She is a cutie pie. It seems like yesterday when our children were babies. I know you are having fun with her.


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