Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Making Quilts with Kids

In my day job, I am a Kindergarten teacher (seven more days!).  Every year, I make quilts with my little friends.  This year, a childrens' book author, Patricia Pollaco, came to our school.  She is a fabulous storyteller.  One of the stories she told was about a quilt that each of the babies in her family was wrapped in.  The quilt had a heart on it and the part with the heart touched each of the babies.  My kids all remembered the story today!

I have been teaching for quite a few years and have made many quilts.  Some of the quilts are hanging in the hallways and classrooms of the school.  A few of them have been given to student teachers.  A few of them are now retired and live at my house.  This year, we are making two smaller quilts.  

This one is for our wonderful room mother/team mother.  She coordinated all of our parties and presents and teacher appreciation.  She is awesome and we really appreciated all of her help.  She is leaving in a few hours and will be gone for the summer in Australia.  

So we made her a little quilt to remember us by.  Each of the children contributed to the project. Some of the children got to make the sunflower with handprints. All of them got to make fingerprints and turned them into what ever they wanted to.  My co-teacher, Trish,  actually did the fingerprints with them.  She labeled each fingerprint and handprint.  I  did all of the sewing and quilting.

We presented it to her today.  I think she was pleased and touched.  

I'll miss her (and her cute son) next year!

I quilted swirls for the sky and spikes for the grass.  The applique is raw edge with quilting to hold it on.  This is a wall hanging so I didn't wash it before I gave it to her.

Ready to give!

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