Saturday, July 24, 2010


I keep getting distracted by all the ideas I find online. I have a pinterest page to save all the great ideas I find. Have you discovered Pinterest yet? Here is a link to my page if you want to check out what I am drooling over. I also love love love the 15 minutes of play from Victoria at Bumblebeans, Inc. I have been sewing all kinds of scraps together to make blocks. I have some of them up on my design wall and I adore them! I am currently making the little wonky star blocks to make a border for them.

Have you seen the posts where bloggers set goals for the month? Or Amy over at Amy's Creative Side asked people to decide on one thing and try to finish it this week. I seem incapable of doing only one project at a time! I have seemingly endless time this summer and yet many more ideas and projects than I can possibly get to before school begins! I have one week before we leave on our trip and this is what I want to get done:

1. Mini quilt hostess gift
2. Dress for Cara
3. Skirt for Cara
4. Baby shower surprises
5. Kitchen curtains (need new curtain rods and hardware but I bought the fabric today).
6. Order new kitchen/laundry room floors
7. Remove wallpaper, mirror, sink and toilet in powder room

hmmm... not sure this will all get done!


  1. I love your scrappy blocks. I have been working on some Christmas ideas but want to stop them and start sewing scraps together...very neat idea.

  2. I like the idea of a list - I do one every Monday and post it on my blog - I find I'm trying harder to get things done so I can report a completion the following Monday! It works for me... And I love Amy's idea of finishing one thing per week - I got something off my WIP stack last week doing that! And I can't wait to report on it at Amy's! Good luck with your list - if you get it all done I think you deserve brownie points!!


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