Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sock Swap!

I signed up to participate in the Sock Swap on Mary Lou Weidman's blog (actually her chatroom).  Mary Lou is a very talented quilter, author, and teacher who makes story quilts.  I missed out the the previous swaps (adorable bees and owls).  I needed to make 19 of these socks (I made 20) to send to the swap master who will then mix them up and redistribute them.  Mary Lou sent us all a plan and directions.  The socks had to be cheddar, turquoise, green, or red (I tried them all).  The background had to be cream on cream tonal prints.  The size could be any even number up to 14 (I tried them all!)  It was a fun block to play around with and I can't wait to see what the other quilters come up with.

Some of them are more "sock-like" than others.  Some of them look like rainboots!  I resewed that one funky one and it didn't want to match up so it may be the one I keep.
Have you ever participated in a block swap?  This was a one time deal so I thought it was a good one for getting my feet wet in the online Bee world.
I am linking up to The Girl Creative and Inspire Me Monday at Singing Three Little Birds.  Jump over there and see what the other crafty people have been up to.


  1. very cute! I know everyone is going to have fun making a darling quilt with the wide variety of fun 'sock' blocks that they will receive in this swap!

    Carol in FO, CA

  2. Very cute Laura,

    I'm part of your group and have to get my act together and get mine sewed now that I'm over my cold.

    It will be fun to see how they all come together.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  3. Hey, Laura!

    Your socks all look fabulous! Way to go! :-)

    Call me crazy, but I actually signed up for both swap groups because I didn't want to miss a one! LOL :-P

    Can't wait to get started on mine! Seems like I had to wait forever for an online fabric order to arrive! :-o

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your oh so cute photos! :-)

    Maree in NC :~D

  4. How exactly does this work? I like the colors.

  5. Thanks so much for being my very first link on my very first Inspire Me Mondays! I'd love to see you again next week!


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