Saturday, May 4, 2013

A beautiful day for a wedding!

We are having perfect Spring weather this weekend!  Just beautiful!  My whole family was at the wedding of my son-in-law's sister.  The flowers were blooming, there was a fountain gurgling, lovely green grass- just perfect! My little grandson was the ring bearer (not that they let the five month old hold the rings!) and both his parents were in the wedding.  My granddaughter made friends with the flower girl and they had a lovely time running and dancing.

I gave the newlyweds a quilt, of course.  It is my Madrona Road challenge quilt and has been done for a while but I couldn't take any good pictures of it (I was laid up for awhile).  So here it is:
Madrona Road Challenge Quilt

Side One

This is the flipside of the quilt-I actually quilted from this side.

I used some curved straight line quilting and some fun curvy fillers.

All rolled up and tied with a bow!  I remembered to label it.

I really do love having a quilt with two sides!  Sometimes the back is my favorite side!  Anyone else?

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