Sunday, March 9, 2014

Carylynne and Cody's Wedding Quilt

My friend's daughter is getting married in May.  She is a beautiful young woman.  I met her when she was four.  She came to Kindergarten orientation with her parents and so much enthusiasm, she gave me a big hug.  I remembered her because she has the same name (spelled differently) as one of my daughters.  I did not end up teaching her that year but I had her for social studies in first grade.  Her mom began teaching at our school a year or two later.  We meet every Thursday morning for bagels before school.

The shower was today and I gave Carylynne the little quilt I made her.

Here is a little of the process.

I checked her registry and saw she had asked for yellow plates.  I thought I could make a wall quilt to go in her kitchen.  I love yellow and gray so that is what I pulled.

I decided to make another tube quilt.  They are fun and look more involved than they are.  I picked four gray and four yellow fabrics and cut 2 1/2 inch strips the width of the fabric. 

I sewed each gray to a yellow.  Then I sewed the pairs together to make four fabrics.  Then I closed up the tube by sewing the last seam.  

I ironed the sets flat and used spray starch to help stabilize them then used my 9 inch square ruler to cut triangles from the sets.  Starting on one end, I lined up the point of the square with the top seam and used the 6 inch mark on the sides of the square ruler.  I cut out the triangle, flipped over the ruler and cut again.  I made all 16 squares this way. 

I ironed them again (lots of bias edges) and laid them flat on my lovely design floor.

They made a nice chevron but I tried the square in a square design.  

First with the gray in the middle square.

Then with the yellow in the middle.
I took pictures of both and I liked the second one best, so I sewed the squares together.  I added a white border.  The top ended up about 27 inches square.

 I backed it with more gray.  I quilted it with a curvy stipple and put feathers all the way around the white border.  I used one of the original gray fabrics for the binding (Michael Miller Dumb Dot in Gray).  I love polka dots!


I find that I feel like I am practicing all the time when I quilt.  Each time it feels a little easier.  Even if I feel less than perfect, the people I give my quilts to have no idea.  

And when I got to the shower, I found out that yellow and gray are Carylynne's wedding colors!  Tada!

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