Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Dress

My husband told my granddaughter that she needed a green dress for St. Patrick's Day.  He told her I would make her one.  Then he started picking out fabrics.  So funny!  I went upstairs and found a shamrock print (with ladybugs?  why?) and quickly made a guess at the size.  I sewed it together pretty quickly but it was a little large.  So today, I took it in and made it shorter.  I added the sash, put binding around the neck and armholes, and hemmed it.  Today's sewing was way longer!  

 Here it is on Saydee.  She is never still, so it is blurry.  Her mom was trying to bribe her.  She was so excited about the dress, she danced all over the living room.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!