Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Modern improv quilt

Another small quilt project to practice my free motion quilting. I tried out some swirls using pink quilting thread. I like the charcoal grey Kona much better after quilting. My quilting leaves a lot to be desired but it is a lot of fun and my friend Susan doesn't mind. I love this kind of piecing, too. Lots of color, lots of fun!
The binding is large polka dots (it looks like stripes in this picture, though, doesn't it?).

I linked up to Lush Friday and Confessions of a Fabric Addict's TGIF! Head over to find more Friday finishes!


  1. Those are some great colors and the free-motion quilting will get better and better. It really does take practice! I am no expert but I usually do several pieces of quilting at one time to get the "free" in my free-motion.
    How big is this quilt?

  2. I like your quilting!! You did a great job!! You'll get better and better the more you practice, and it's a great mindless stress reliever!! It also helps to keep a test sandwich on hand that you can work out the kinks on before you start on your real quilt. I do that every time and find I'm happier with my results. It also gives me a place to audition new designs.

    And thanks for linking up on my blog!!

  3. I think your quilting is looking very good! Great to have a colorful small quilt like this to hone your skills on!

  4. I love the colours,as you said ,it's a fun quilt. Good job on the quilting.I have tried a few times and haven't got the knack yet.But i must try again. Thanks for linking to lush friday.Andrea


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