Sunday, May 6, 2012

 At our Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild meeting today, we exchanged zip bags.  We put them into a plain bag and choose blindly (although for some reason, I seem to end up with Heather's most of the time! Lucky me!)
This was a fun challenge.  I used the Donkeys in Galoshes (so cute!) and some Stitched in ColorFMF, Seeds, dots, and other random fabrics from my stash.  Heather did a short demo at our last meeting and I followed her directions, including using fusible fleece and cutting a square out of the bottom corners to square the bottom of the bag. One of the bags was a different, square shape (made by Mandy).  Everyone oohed and ahhed! 

This is the bag Heather made that I got to bring home with me! Love the linen!

This is my contribution being held by our fearless leader, Heather.

Cute little bag with FMQ

Little pockets!

All together!

Not as much at Show and Tell as usual.  Nancy shared a iron carryall that you can iron on.  Might need to make one of those.  Mandy shared a wristlet made from salvages.  I need to bring her some of mine.  I don't know if I will ever be motivated enough to make anything from mine, although I do think it looks cool.  

Deb shared her strip quilt that she is having Maria quilt for her. ( I started one that will be similar but with dotted black in the place of white).  Hers is gorgeous!  Hope mine turns out as nicely.

 Another fun meeting!