Friday, June 1, 2012

Kinder quilt back

I wanted to show you the back of the Kindergarten quilt.  The bottom two thirds is made up of drawings from each child.  I let them draw whatever they wanted to.  The pictures include rainbows, houses, trucks, trees, suns, fish, and stars.  Some of the kids spent a long time drawing their pictures and some of them spent less than a few minutes.  Some drew several small pictures and some made more elaborate pictures.
The top part was a more directed exercise: they had to make a bug or critter from the book In the Tall, Tall Grass.  I wrote the label up here, too.  I also had all the other teachers on my team sign the quilt for my friend and assistant, Jen.  We are hoping she gets her own classroom next year at our school and she can hang the quilt up in her new room!