Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sisters Quilt Show

Wow! We walked all over the town of Sisters, Oregon yesterday. It was a gorgeous day with a late day thunderstorm that sent the volunteers scurrying to take down the1500 quilts hanging on the sides of the buildings!

My sister, Maureen is not a quilter but she is a good sport and trekked all over the town with me. She makes jewelry and spent a part of the day twisting wire around gemstones while I shopped.

I was determined to find the Portland Modern Quilt Guild exhibit and there they were, tucked in between two buildings. Their spot was a great concentration of modern quilts but there were other modern quilts mixed in around the town.

The quilt teachers' tent was where we ended up when the downpour started. Great quilts were on display! I took a few pictures.
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