Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Potholder Party!

Well, not really a party!  These are a few of the gifts I have been busy making for Christmas.  I can finally post a little about them now theat they have been given and received.  Every year I try to make many of my gifts, especially for my family.  I love to think about the person I am giving the present to as I make it.  Of course, I always believe I can get way more done than I actually can!
I have a few more things on my list.  The recipients will just get a happy surprise in January or February (last year it was May before I got them all sent!!)

Anyway, here are three different kinds of potholders I made this year.

Bright star with swirly quilting
Back of Star

Black and White log cabin variation with Jester's Hat quilting

Green with ladybugs disappearing four-patch with a swirly Jester's Hat variation.


 Potholders are fun to make and go pretty quickly.  I use the heat resistant batting in them.  I love to go to my friends and family's houses and see them using my potholders!

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