Friday, January 4, 2013

Goodbye to 2012!

Here is a mosaic of my finishes for the year (or most of them).  I am pleased to see I got this many things finished.  Only a few of them are full sized quilts, though.  Most of the finishes are smaller.  I know a few things are missing but I am proud of all of them.  It is fun to see them all together.  You can tell I like bright colors and white, can't you?  I will have to make a new page for the blog I guess!

1. Tree skirt   2. Placemat  3. Strip quilt  4.  Potholder  5. Coming up Roses wall quilt
6. Back of Coming up Roses 7. Halloween quilt  8.  Table topper 9.  Jay McCarroll challenge quilt 10. Table topper
11.  Improv log cabin 12. Sherbet Baby Bento Box Quilt 13. Violet Mother's Day Quilt 14. Baby Quilt 15. Iphone Zippie wristlet
16.  Anniversary of BMQG pillow 17. Vroom! Vroom!  Baby quilt  18.  Kim's Wedding Quilt  19.  Scrappy Stash Rainbow quilt  20.  Potholders for my daughter
21. Donkey Zippie  22. Unintended Table Topper 23.  Crosses potholder 24. Doll Baby Quilt  25. Chevron Baby Quilt (back)

This was the handprint quilt the Kindergarteners made for our assistant teacher (who is now a fifth grade teacher!)

 And my One Little Word quilt for 2012 was Grow!

I haven't figured out my One Little Word for 2013.  Hope it is a creative and fun year for you!

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